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DRO DC3000

DRO DC3000

Product name:DRO DC3000



DC3000 is suitable for digitalized linear scale measuring system as well as video measuring system. With the analysis of 2D measurement data, it is widely used in profile projector, tool microscope, CCD video measuring system, etc.

1. Anti-jamming capabilities of power supply and signal can be more than 2200V. 
2. Recalls the current position after power failure without battery.
3. Wide range of input voltage (AC?90V
240V) for regular operation. 
3. Adopts self-developed 24-bit IC and when resolution is 0.001mm, the speed of counter is 4m/s.
4. Measures, pre-sets and constructs graphic element like point, line, circle, angle, distance, rectangle, screw thread, etc.
5. Axis straightening and axis shifting. 
6. Convenient and easy to collect data by connecting external zero clearing foot-switch and optical edge finder. 
7. Printing features: print user application, graphic element and displayed value.
8. RS-232 output feature: Output current displayed value of linear scale into PC. 
9. Records the measuring steps and measure the same kind of workpiece in batch quantity. 
10. Various coordinate displaying patterns: polar coordinate, Cartesian coordinate, INC coordinate, ABS coordinate, metric units, and Imperial units. 
11. Linear correction and segmental error correction. 
12. Z-axis can be connected with linear scale or rotary encoder.
13. Store 100 permanent graphic elements and 10 temporary elements.


Input voltage



Less than 15W

Input signal

Orthogonality TTL square wave; RS422 frequency2MHZ; electric current1mA





296 x 184 x 68 (mm)

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