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Easson Sino Rational sobek

Easson DRO ES-12B/ES-12C LCD display

Easson DRO ES-12B/ES-12C LCD display

Product name:Easson DRO ES-12B/ES-12C LCD display



ES-12B is the top rank readout cabinet among all the Digital Readout that manufactured by Easson.  

ES-12B has a 7 inch big multicolored LCD display screen which provides active graphic display, and step by step operation graphical guidance for all DRO functions,  which makes ES-12B extremely user friendly.  The design philosophy of ES-12B is to be the most easy to use DRO in the world which allows all operators can implement all the powerful DRO function within few minutes immediately after he switch on the ES-12B.

( ES-12B and ES-12C have same LCD, same function, same operation steps, just buttons position difference )





Axis number



Basic    functions

- 1 / 5um resolution

- Radius/Diameter

- Direction reverse

- clear Zero

- Centering (1/2)

- mm/in display


- Power Off Memory

- 199 Subdatum

- REF Memory

Built in Calculator

Axis speed display (mm/min)

Vibration filtering

Z0 + Z Axis summation


Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)

Line Hole Positioning (LHOLE)

Inclined Machining (INCL)

Shrinkage Calculation

Simple "R" Function

Smooth "R" Function

Linear Error Compensation

Non Linear Error Compensation

LCD display Color & brightness   Adjustable

DRO  Language




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