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Easson Sino Rational sobek

Easson ES-8A(2X) DRO

Easson ES-8A(2X) DRO

Product name:Easson ES-8A(2X) DRO



Endless Innovation and Quality Improvment

Concluded from our years experience in digital readout system manufacturing, in order to achieve high reliability and durability, not only the electronics and meachanical system design are important, it is also essential that the system must be constructed with highest possible specifications material at advanced production technology. Therefore, despite the serious market competition which keep driving the price of digital readout system lower and lower. ES-8 approach the market differently, we have chosen to reduce our cost by state of the art electronics design, efficient production management and the low overhead cost of our own factory in China, this substaintial savings make possible that ES-8 are constructed with highest possible specifications and relatively expensive material & component to achieve high reliability and durability.

High noise immunity & EMC design

Latest triple stages noise filter is used in ES-8 for transducer signals input noise filtering which offer very wide frequency bandwidth ( 1KHz - 1000MHz ) noise attenuation.

Extreme careful PCB and component layout that strictly follows all known rules to achieve highest possible noise immunity and EMC performance.

Linear power supply is used in ES-8 to ensure highest possible performance in noise immunity to the electrical source.

Adaptable to poor electrical source

Low power consumption approach is used in the system design of ES-8, therefore, even ES-8 is designed for very wide voltage supply range ( 160V~260V / 80V ~ 130V ) operation, linear power supply can still be used without serious heat generation, linear power supply offer execellent noise immunity and proven highest reliability.

Use of the combined capacitor-varistor noise filters in the power supply system to ensure highest possible noise and surge immunity to poor electrical source.

High Durability Switch Membrane

The Autotex series polyester film from UK’s AUTOTYPE Ltd. is used as the key membrane of ES-8. Autotex polyester film is known as the highest quality,highest specification membrane film available almong the membrane switchmanufacturing industry.

Autotex film offer excellent chemical resistance to most commonly used industry solvent and excellent switch life. Switch life of ES-8 is expected to be minimum 100,000 times.

Robust Aluminium Casing

The front plate of ES-8 is built by an 1.5mm thickness electroplated steel, ES-8’s enclosure is built by pressurized injection forming aluminium case to provide high quality robust casing,electrostatic powder spray paint is used in ES-8 to provide hard, scrape resistance,long lasting surface finish.

State of the Art Electronics Technology

Our lastest in-house design 16 bit 3 axes counting ASIC that fabricated with 0.35um CMOS technology is used in ES-8, greatly reduce the number of component counts, lower the system power consumption and improve reliability.

Advanced Production Technology

SMT assembling process is used in manufacturing of ES-8, all componets are soldered by our in-house computerized control soldering machines to achieve high quality soldering.

Totally Sealed Enclosure

The enclosure of ES-8 is totally sealed to protect the electronics circuitry against the hazardous environment in shop floor, such as dust, evaporated coolant, fume from EDM machining and etc.

To avoid overheat of the PCB caused by totally sealed enclosure, metal front plate & panel is used in ES-8 to quickly dissipate the heat generated by the electronics circuitry and an ultra low temperature rise transformer is used.


Ultra Low Temperature Rise Transformer

To reduce the total heat generation inside the ES-8 in order to obtain long working life. An ultra low temperature rise transformer that construct with very high permeability iron core ( the Z11 series iron core of which the permeability is 18,000 gauss ) is used, which effectively bring temperature rise to only about 5’ C.


ES-8 series Digital Readout Cabinet

The ES-8 series is the lastest full function readout cabinet series from Easson lanuched on year 2000. The design philosophy of ES-8 is to provide right to the point application specific functions for various type of general and specialised machines / instruments to achieve highest possible accuracy and efficiency. At this moment, there are ten professional models in the ES-8 series covering wide range of applications, from the simplest general use simple counter to sophisicated geometric calculating functions readout cabinet for profile projector use.

Our objective is being the leader in application functions innovation. ES-8 is world first readout that providespecialised functions for Tool setter. Also the world’s first readout that provide three axes grinder functions for precision form grinding application.

**Vibration Filtering Function**

High accuracy and high resolution(1mm) display are essential for grinder application. However, under the high resolution display, the last digit display may keep toggling caused by the vibration of the machine during the machining process, especially in large grinder.

The innovative virbration filtering function can filter the display toggles to obtain a more comfortable readings, and hence reduces human mistake.






Constant speed Lathe

Axis speed display1 and 5 micron resolution switchable for each axis Radius / Diameter switchable for each axisMulti languageData inputClean zeroCentering (1/2)mm/inches DisplayAbsolute / IncrementalPower off memory199 Sub datumReference memory

Built in calculator

Pitch circle diameter


Line hole positioning


Inclined machining


Shrinkage calculation


Simple “R” function


Smooth “R” function


Linear error compensation

Non linear error compensation

Vibration filtering

Axis summation



EDM z axis relay output


Spindle speed control output


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