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Linear Scale Exchanger USB302

Linear Scale Exchanger USB302

Product name:Linear Scale Exchanger USB302



USB302 linear scale exchanger is a new type of equipment of reading and transferring. Linked to 3 linear scales and 1 foot-switch, it will lock the data of 3 axes when touches the foot-switch or RI point is found. In addition, foot-switch will upload the corrected points to identify whether they are valid in case of maloperation. USB302 connects the PC via USB cable. Traditionally, PCI card is not convenient to install or maintain. This appliance, adopting Linear Scale Exchanger, is suitable for laptop and convenient to install and maintain. Secondary development personnel is able to read and analyze linear scale’s data on the PC via USB port to develop their own Windows measuring software.


Comes into service upon plugging without installing driver.

Supplied by external power, which makes it run well.

Isolated 3-axis linear scale port and 24-bit reversible counter.

A set of external trigger that is available for setting the count value of one-axis or three-axis.

The delay of external signal trigger that locks the count value is less than 20us.

Computation direction (+ or -) adjustable.

The polarity of RI signal, A signal or B signal can be selected when searching RI point.

Enhances the capacity of anti-jamming by digital filtration wave.

The transfer speed is 30 frames/s or above. 


Input voltage



Less than 2W

Input signal

Orthogonality TTL square wave; RS422 frequency2MHZ; electric current1mA; Power 5V/70mA


0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 5, 10




200 x 100 x 40 (mm)




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