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profile projector CPJ-3015A/CPJ-3020A/CPJ-3025A

profile projector CPJ-3015A/CPJ-3020A/CPJ-3025A

Product name:profile projector CPJ-3015A/CPJ-3020A/CPJ-3025A



CPJ-3000A CPJ-3000AZ series of profile projectors are famous for its excellent quality of the optical system. This series profile projector is processed of clear image and accurate magnification. The error of the contour measuring is under 0.08% under the illumination of transmission. This instrument provides  the foot-switch , which are convenient to gather the data. You can adjust the focus by ascending and descending the projection box. The profile  projector is with big travel and stationary performance because the working stable doesn’t ascend or descend , and the instrument can also measure the big range with high precision.

Model Reverse image CPJ-3015A CPJ-3020A CPJ-3025A
Erect image CPJ-3015AZ CPJ-3025AZ CPJ-3025AZ
Working table The metal table's size(mm) 354*228 404*228 450*280
The glass table's(mm) 210*160 260*160 306*196
X-axis,travel(mm) 150 200 250
Y-axis travel(mm) 100 100 250
Z-axis travel(mm) 100(for focus) 100(for focus) 100(for focus)
Weight (kg) 160 160 180
Dimension(L*W*H) (mm) 780*780*1100 780*780*1100 810*780*1120
Measruing accuracy ≤ (3+L/75)
(L is the length of work pieces to be meaured,undit:mm)
Resolution(X-axis,Y-axis) 0.5μm
Projector screen Screen size(mm) Ф312 used range>Ф300(with the metter line)
Screen rotary range 0°~360°
Rtary angle resolution 1‵ or 0.01°
Lens Magnification 10X(option) 20X(option) 50X(option) 100X(option)
Object view(mm) Ф60 Ф30 Ф15 Ф6
Working distance(mm) 77.7 44.3 38.4 25.4
Max.Workpiece hegiht 90mm 90mm 90mm 90mm
Data processing system DC-3000 multi-function data processing system appearing in English,can be used to gather the data and measure the point,line,circle,angle and distance.
lllumination The illuniation of transmission and reflection:24V/150w-halogen lamp.
Power 110V/220V(AC) 50/60Hz total power=400W
Cooling By the fans
Accessories Min-printer(option),Edge detcetor(option),M2D software(option) and so on,please refer to accessories for Profile Projector for more details
Ideal table Loading weight>250kg


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