DRO systems

  • Sino SDS6-2V DRO Digital Readout

Sino SDS6-2V DRO Digital Readout

SINO SDS6-2V DRO 2 axis

1.Voltage Range: AC 80V~264V/50HZ~60HZ
2.Acceptable Signal: TTL square wave/ EIA-442
3. Plug: DB9
4.Acceptable resolution: 10um ,5um ,2um ,1um , 0.5um

1. Full of feature & can widely used for mill, lathe, drilling, boring, wire cutting etc.
2. The wide voltage AC80-250V can be widely used in all over the world.
3. We offer US, AU, EU, UK different type plug suite for different countries if need.
4. It can be matched for Sino, Rational, Easson and all the China brand linear scales, very easy to operate.

Basic Functions
200 Points Auxiliary Zero Position Function
Mid-split Function
"mm/inch" Conversion Display
Radius/Diameter Switch Display
Segmented Error Compensation
Linear Error Compensation
Power Interruption Memory
Sleep Switch
Mathematics calculation
RS-232-C ineterface (option)

Machining Functions
PCD circumferential division (Applicable to milling machine and spark tester)
Involute chamber machining function (Applicable to milling machine)
Bevel machining/Angular Surface Processing (Applicable to milling machine)
N3 function (Applicable to milling machine)
Diagonal boring (Applicable to milling machine)
R-arc function (Applicable to milling machine)
Taper measuring function (Applicable to lathe)
200-tool library (Applicable to lathe)
Anti-dithering function (Applicable to grinding machine)



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