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  • Sino KA-300 Linear Encoder 0.005mm TTL  70mm-1020mm

Sino KA-300 Linear Encoder 0.005mm TTL 70mm-1020mm

KA-300 is a type of encoder with wide applications. It features in optimal structure,
good appearance and high rigidity, able to meet the needs of the majority of general
machine users. The length is 70~1020mm.


Product name: KA-300 Linear scale
Available Measrus Length: 70-1020mm
Cross Section: 25mm X 34mm
Accuracy: +/- 3, 5, 10 (20 degree, 680 F 1000mm)
Max of Measuring speed: 60m/min
Protection level: IP55
Resolution: 1um/ 5um(0.001mm/0.005mm)
Output signal: TTL / EIA-422-A
Cable standard: 3 meters
Bar Pitch: 0.02mm
Power: +5V±5%, 80mA
Operating temperature:0-45 degree centigrade
Connetor: 9 Pins



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