Profile projector

  • Rational Horizontal Profile Projector CPJ-3020W/CPJ-4025W

Rational Horizontal Profile Projector CPJ-3020W/CPJ-4025W

Horizontal Profile Projector is an ergonomic measuring instrument with reliable mechanical structure and high precision magnification, can effectively and efficiently inspect profile, section, surface and outline of complicated workpiece.
This instrument, which integrates optics, machinery and electronics, is able to sufficiently carry out direct measurement and comparative measurement for measured workpiece, such as stamping parts, gear, thread, and milling cutter, etc. It is widely used in the fields of machine manufacturing, electronics, mold, meter, etc.

X-axis Travel (mm)200250
Y-axis Travel (mm)100150
Worktable size (mm)400×150450×200
Swing range±15°±15° ( can be custom made to ±25°)
Resolution (μm)0.5
Indication error (mm)

X, Y-axis: (2.5+L/100). Z-axis: 3.5+L/50 (L is the length of the measured object. Unit: mm)

Z-axis Travel (mm)75 (focusing)100 (focusing)
Weight (kg)160240
Dimension (mm)1090×830×10101215×646×1210
Projector screenSize (mm)Ф 300Ф 400
Rotary range0~360°
Resolution1’ or 0.01°
Lens (CPJ-3020W)Magnification10× (Optional)20× (Optional)50× (Optional)100× (Optional)
Field of view (mm)Ф30Ф15Ф6Ф3
Working distance (mm)77.744.338.425.3
Lens (CPJ-4025W)Magnification5× (Optional)10× (Standard)20× (Optional)50× (Optional)100× (Optional)
Field of view (mm)Ф80Ф40Ф20Ф8Ф4
Working distance (mm)93.7103.995.165.735.0
Data processing systemMulti-functional DRO DC-3000
IlluminationTransmission: 24V/150W halogen lamp. Reflection: 21V/150W halogen lamp.
AccessoriesPrinter, edge detector, Measuring software M2D-CPJ, etc.

Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz.  Total power: 450W



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