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  • Leader CMM Tornado Series

Leader CMM Tornado Series

Tornado series CMM is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, which could be able to locate and measure workpiece at an extremely fast speed, meets customer requirements for high measurement efficiency.

Performance Characteristics:

Four-sided air-floating structure used in Y axis, eliminating the movement of torsion pendulum to ensure that the machine's high rigidity, and high stability.

Y-axis drive near the movement center, the main support lighter, thereby reducing the weight of moving parts to ensure that the machine's high-speed and high stability.

Precision triangular beam technology is applied to Axis X, with aviation grade aluminum alloy, featuring lower center of gravity, better mass-rigidity ratio and more reliable motion relative to rectangular and cross beams.

Z-axis and carriage are all adopted to the aviation grade aluminum alloy material, ensuring the same expansion technology, working in more harsh temperature environment.

NCA travel from 400x500x400mm to 2000x3000x1500mm



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